Honest Earth makes every effort to ensure that we recycle but also don't provide extra packaging for you to deal with.


The following get take to NAWMA for weekly recycling:

Foam  .  Cardboard  .  Soft and Hard Plastics

Broke the foam box? Don't sweat it, just leave it out for collection with your next order and we will recycle it for you.

NAWMA is open to the public and have free waste disposal of so many recyclables. If you're going to a recycling centre, always ask what they do with it. Some state they take the waste, such as foam but sadly put it into landfill. If you don't ask, you don't know...


The clear plastic bags in your box? They're cellophane and can be green bin composted, nifty!

The paper bags? They too can be green bin composted

Alfoil? It's made from recycled alfoil and... you can recycle it via your council kerbside recycling. Just make sure it's clean and all together in a ball.


We will never use plastic wrap or make you purchase eco friendly packaging for fresh produce, it's all part of the deal.


Any questions, please contact us!


For more info on recycling I can recommend: